Solo Smarts #96: Cindy Bidar Wants You To Be An Indispensable VA

Cindy Bidar of Educated VA is my co-host on the show today.  Cindy is one of the most highly respected Virtual Assistants in the industry, really she’s outgrown the title as she’s more of a Business Manager or Project Manager for her clients. She has a brand new opportunity coming up for Virtual Assistants that […]

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You Have What It Takes

Somebody is going to decide TODAY to do what it takes to bust through to the next level in their business… I’d like it to be YOU!

The More You Know, The More Valuable You Are

I’m a business coach. I spend time each week on the telephone coaching and teaching others on their path to knowing more about internet marketing, the internet, blogging, podcasting, etc. I love knowing that I am a short cut to knowledge for my clients. They could skip coaching and determine to ferret out the information […]


Make An Infographic Challenge (With Prizes!)

I’ve now published three issues of Image Monthly and Samantha (my co-editor) and I are feeling so darned proud of it as a resource.  The feedback we’re getting is just fantastic! I can’t wait for each month’s issue to share more graphics knowledge and resources, not to mention all of the bonus stock photos, backgrounds […]

How To Have A Cross Blog Conversation

I love a great Cross Blog Conversation. I first learned the concept from Liz Strauss of I had my first Cross Blog Conversation with my pal Nicole Dean. You can see the thread of our conversations here: Nicole then Kelly then Nicole then Kelly then Nicole then Kelly then Nicole then Kelly Awhile later, I had another great conversation with Reba Collins of Internet Marketing Boomer.  I made up […]


Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Solopreneurs

Thanks to Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation for this useful resource post! One of greatest things about Google’s Chrome browser is the thousands and thousands of free browser extensions available.  If you’re using Chrome, this link will show you the extensions you’re using right now. These extensions turn an already powerful online experience into […]


Know Your Site Visitors Like Netflix Knows You

Netflix knows what you watch. They track and make viewing suggestions based on your habits.   Now they’re even letting families create profiles based on individual viewing patterns so they can make better matches.  Hopefully it will put a stop to the horror flicks they’ve been offering me. (It’s my adult son who craves that […]


How 13 Solopreneurs Pushed Themselves Recently

Yesterday I invited my list community to tell me about some way they’ve PUSHED themselves in the last week and I’m ecstatic to find my inbox blowing up with replies. Several expressed their pride in having something to report – even something small.  I’m celebrating every forward step with them because I know that success ultimately comes as […]

They May Think We’re Crazy

Friends and family may indeed think we're out of our minds for starting and running our own businesses - but we know better.  Paul Cooley is sharing … [Read More...]

Keep ‘em On Your Site Longer

Lynette Chandler's sharing advice on how to keep visitors on your site longer.  Are you putting some if not all of these tips into action?  Show me! … [Read More...]

Quick Blog Reviews Make You A Better Blogger

Darren Rouse has an impressive list of questions we can use to do quickie blog reviews on competitor blogs.   He even challenges us: For the next … [Read More...]

Combat Solopreneurship Negatives

I rarely have a negative thought about being a solopreneur - but some do.  I enjoyed reading this post about the pros and cons of being a solopreneur. … [Read More...]

Free Blogging Ideas Spelled Out For You

What a find!  Heidi Cohen published a super idea sparking resource I just had to share with you.  Go pick one of her titles, put your unique spin into … [Read More...]

Invite Your Facebook Page Visitors To Click Your Cover Image

This is interesting. Have you noticed how some smart Facebook Page owners are inviting their visitors to click their cover image?  I bet you'll think … [Read More...]

Guest Blog For The Right Reasons (NOT SEO)

Lots of posts out there commenting on Matt Cutt's latest video about guest blog posts. Heidi Cohen points out there are good reasons to guest blog … [Read More...]

Fresh Content Ideas From Ray

Listen in to this podcast from Ray Edwards with ways to gain some fresh ideas for creating more content.   You'll fall in love with the show and want … [Read More...]

Lynn’s Not Perfect, We Sure Don’t Have To Be

I loved stumbling across this post today on Lynn Terry's ClickNewz.  She starts right out with this: "Confession: I'm Not Perfect. Not Even … [Read More...]

17 Tips For Productivity

She calls it Timeboxing, I've called it Time Chunking - either way, I like the advice! Read this productivity tip and more here. … [Read More...]

Spy Out Your Competitor’s Best Content

Your job, if you want to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, is to keep an eye on other blogs in the same niche.  You need to know what … [Read More...]

How Music Makes Blogging Better

Music helps me find my blogging mojo and I love the advice being shared in this blog post on the subject:  Listening to Music Makes Blogging Easier. … [Read More...]

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